Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey, I am looking for some new books to read. Any suggestions?
I feel like a little puppy dog waiting for it's master to come home each time I check my blog to see if anyone has left a comment...Silly how reluctant I was to start a blog and how excited I get about it now. I guess it has been a while since I wrote anything but there hasn't been anything picture-blog-worthy. Does that make since? I did start school this week. Things have gone okay! I think I am going to really enjoy most of my classes. I think there may be one class (there always seams to be one) that will be a bit more challenging. But it has only been a few days and so it is hard to tell. I am hoping for the best. Some of the kids are just so cute, especial my 7th graders. They are so sweet and excited to be there. One girl cam up to me today and as she gave me a hug she said "This is something I give to all the teachers I really like." I thought that was so sweet. There has been a lot of students from last year who have come to visit me. One kid was introducing his little brother to me and said "Mrs. Higbee is an awesome teacher!" I said "I am?!" And he said "Yea!" It warms my heart and makes all the hard days worth it. Puppy dog here, signing off.