Thursday, March 7, 2013


Warning: This is really long with a lot of pictures. Feel free to skim through. And I am sure there are lots of grammatical mistakes, sorry.

Well it is about time that someone did an update on this blog, my goodness! I know you have all been checking daily, right? Well, today is the day, wait no more. And this post is really exciting because it is about DISNEYLAND! Maybe you don't know, but I just happen to LOVE Disneyland! I {finally} talked Nate into going! My mom came along to to help out with the kids. She was amazingly helpful (as she always is) and because she was there we were able to have so much more fun than we would have been able to with out her!

We drove down on a Tuesday (the kids did really well in the car!!) and had three day hopper tickets and drove home Saturday. We stayed in a sweet little place called Eden Roc...lets just say, you get what you pay for and this was the cheapest place I could find. But it did the job! It had two rooms so we could put the kids to bed at night and still be up ourselves (and so when they woke up just before the butt crack of dawn, I could go in the room with them and let my Mom and Nate get some more sleep).

So here are some pictures and some highlights of the trip (they are a little out or order but oh well).

Fist let me just say I didn't want to carry around my nice dslr camera so I just brought my point and shoot :( The quality of pictures was terrible and I was so sad about it. I guess it's harder than I thought to go back to a point and shoot after the camera I am used to. So I started taking some pictures with my iPod and they did a little better {some of the time}. But oh well, next time I will make the sacrifice I think and carry around a big heavy camera, at least for one of the days.

Oh, another disclaimer: it is so stinken hard to get my kids to look at the camera and stay looking at the camera until the picture is taken. And getting them both to look at the same time proved to be impossible!!! But oh well...
Ok, now, on with the show...

In front of our hotel room, all ready to go on the first day!

Waiting to go in!

When I see this sign my little girl heart leaps with joy! Let's be honest, this trip was for me. The kids won't remember it. Nate likes Disneyland alright but wouldn't go if I didn't want to so badly. I love Disneyland and I turn back into a 6 year old girl when I am there! (My first time is when I was 6)

 Our first ride was the Toy Story one. We all loved it!

Literally 30 minutes into the fun, what does Kaitlin do? Yep...crashed!
{There was a great lack of sleep for her and Spencer on this trip}
It actually worked out nicely that she took a pretty good nap each day
while I held her or when we pushed her around in the stroller.

Love that smile!

Loven the bumper cars in bug's land!

Did I mention how awesome, beautiful and wonderful my Mom is?! It was so wonderful to have her with us. Not just because she was such a help with the kids but because she is just such a fun person to be with. Love her!

Buzz Ride!!
Sad this didn't turn out...silly camera :(  

Then Kaitlin wanted to pose...I didn't move quick enough and by the time I got down on her level she had moved on so this is what I got :)

We took turns riding by Spencer or staying off a ride that Kaitlin couldn't go on. I got to go with Spencer on the Buzz ride. I think he cried and screamed the whole time. About 30 seconds into it he said "I'm never gonna go on this ride again!" But Nate talked him into a second time and he did love it.
As long as a ride was moving Kaitlin loved it. She hates to be still! They were both pretty brave. The Buzz ride was the only one Spencer was a little scared on. All the rest he did really well. He went on Splash Mountain twice in a row (I couldn't believe that one!) and he loved Star Tours. 

This is as close as it gets to a picture of them together smiling. 

They both loved the train rides. We were waiting and waiting to get on the Casey Jr. ride and we were going to be the last ones to be able to get on the train but it turned out there wasn't enough room. So we had to wait for the train to go around one more time. Spencer just fell down on the ground crying and said something like "We are never, ever gonna get to go on this ride..." Poor kid. Waiting in line is hard when you are 3 or 30 for that matter :) Most rides we waited 15 min or less for. Some 20 but only one or two we waited for 30 min.

At the end of the first day, Nate took the kids back to the hotel and me and my Mom got to stay and do some rides. It was so fun to be with her and relax a little too. This is us on Space Mountain!

Nate said that when they got back to the hotel Spencer was so tired he just laid on the bed. He said "Today was hard...I didn't like it". Silly kid!
We rode the train around 1 1/2 times!

Enjoying a treat after splash mountain... 

while Kate takes a nap. 

They love anything that has to do with water!

Love this picture

My Mom took the kids back to go to go to bed the other two nights and Nate and I got to have some time together. It was great. My mom said that one of the nights when we got back, Spencer said, just after he laid down, totally wiped out from another long day, "I hope I had a good time today..." 
Me and my handsome man! Sure love him!

These pictures were totally for me, I just took
Kaitlin along so I wouldn't look (as) silly.

Nate kept teasing Spencer about getting a kiss from a princess while we were there and so he was a little hesitant to be in a picture but I talked him into it.
The kids were grumpy the whole time on and off but not too bad. Kaitlin was tired and grumpy during these pictures and I told Snow I was sorry and she said something like, "that's okay, my friend Grumpy feels that way sometimes too". Very cleaver Snow... 

All in all we had a wonderful time! The kids did as well as could be expected and everyone stayed in good health pretty much while we were there. The weather was amazing and I even got a little burnt! It was a great time!
Then on the way home...Kaitlin threw up twice :( She is still sick today, on day 6 of this sickness. I am actually kind of worried about her. I was sick for a few days but never very bad. Just body aches and nausea. Spencer started throwing up on Tuesday night and I think he is now on the mend. Sigh...I am sad they are sick but glad they did it when our trip was over.
Sorry, this is so long but I hope you enjoyed hearing all about the trip!