Friday, May 30, 2014

Well, here I am at 20 weeks. Feeling pretty good. Some crazy pains and aches put nothing too bad. Morning sickness is long gone but I still need to eat regularly or I feel sick. I am feeling the baby move regularly now and that is the best feeling ever! Every tiny movement is a gift from heaven. It always felt like Spencer was playing soccer inside of me. Kaitlin was doing tumbling...this little one is more of a yoga baby. I like that.

I had pretty bad anxiety for a while there, especially in my 15th week as you can imagine. Since then it has gotten a little better each week. But the worry and fear is always there, in the back (or sometimes front) of my mind. I know that there is never a "safe" point in pregnancy or in life really. Life is fragile and precious. Each day, each moment is a gift. At any moment we could lose someone we love.  I have come to learn that we are all in God's hands. No one enters or leaves this world without His permission. He has a perfect plan for all of us and the only thing we can do is just trust in Him and His perfect plan.
Hopefully we will get an ultra sound soon and I will post if it's a boy or girl.