Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well, I figured it was about time for an update.
Here are a few pictures from our family Easter egg hunt.

I sure do love this guy!
Here are our cute little kids on Easter morning.
It is pretty hard for this little guys to stay still but he did a good job.
 He is a little stud!

It's nearly impossible for Kaitlin to hold still AND
look and the camera at the same time.
This was as good as it got :)
I had a great time making this little dress for her.
I always dreamed about making dresses for my little girls
 and it was so fun to finally be able to do that.

Sweet little Kaitlin is slowly turning into a two year old and learning how to be sassy and throw a fit. She has started to say things like "give it to me NOW" and "it's MINE" and fun things like that!
But she still has me wrapped around her little finger. How I love my girl.
Lately she will ask me to wrap her up in a blanket and then say "carry me". Then she will just let me sit and hold her while I rock and/or sing to her. How could I resist that?! Needless to say, I drop what ever I am doing and comply!

She loves "doing dishes" aka getting water all over the kitchen!
Love that cheesy smile!
We are so so so happy that Spencer is finally all the way potty trained!
It has been wonderful. He just needed a little sticker chart to motivate him and he has hardly had any problems since then. Here he is showing off one of his prizes for filling up a row of stickers on his chart.
We have been babysitting a little boy a few times a week and him and Spencer sure have fun together. He is such a  sweet boy and we all love him. As long as they are getting along (they usually do) it is a big help to me to have him over. They just play and play.

So there is the exciting update on how things are going at the Higbee home!