Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

So our Christmas celebration was going to include a little get a way trip for me and Nate that he so lovingly planed and surprised me with! My sisters and my mom offered to help out with the kids! So we drove just over 2 1/2 hours through a snow storm to drop the kids off at my sisters house. Just as we are pulling unto their house, I look back at Kaitlin and she throws up all over!!! Yikes! So I get her all cleaned up and we finally decided we should just head back home, not knowing exactly what she was sick with...It was devastating to me and Nate. After all that we have been through this year and all the anticipation and excitement of this trip, it was just devastating. So I was a baby about it for a while...but life just happens and you just have to roll with it. After we got home, Kaitlin seemed just fine. Eating fine, no temperature, nothin...whatever! My Mom and Sister have offered to come to our house in January to watch the kids so we can try our trip again...
Cross your fingers for me!
So, we waited a few days to make sure that no one else was going to get sick and then we went up to my parents on the Sunday be for Christmas. We hung out there and had a wonderful time.
We headed back to our house on Christmas Eve night.
I was just finishing up a few Christmas things about 11:00 pm when I heard Spencer cry out. I went into his room and then all the sudden, yep, he threw up all over!! What joy! But at least it wasn't in the car, or on the stairs or my bed or the gotta look on the bright side of things.
Christmas morning he woke up feeling just fine. Weird! Huh? Well, I was grateful, we were able to carry on with all our plans. I sure hope we didn't get Nate's family sick but they all agreed that they wanted us to still come to the family get together. We had a great morning and a great day.
Even though it hasn't been the best year for us, it could have been so much worse. We have so much to be grateful for. So much to hope for and so much to keep us happy!
Here are some pictures for your viewing delight :)

My favorite gifts to give this year were the hats I made.
And the Kitchen I remodeled for Kaitlin, you can see it in the back.

Spencer was pretty excited about his angry birds hat.
 He calls it his thunder bird hat!
I also made him a red angry bird one.

At his request, I mad Nate this Darth Vader Angry bird hat.


These are the hats I made for my nieces and nephews on Nate's side.
They were a big hit and worth every minute I spent on them! 

Yeah for Christmas and a {mostly} happy post!