Thursday, June 24, 2010

When life gives you lemons...or when daddy gives you a lemon...

He really does love to eat them...he cried if we tried to take the slice away.

Spencer says "have a nice day!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 months

Spencer is 9 months old today!

He is another inch taller but still only coming in at 24 lbs!
I think it's funny when people still comment on how chubby he is!
 I say "you should have see him 4 months ago"!  

He has learned a lot of new things in the past month!
Yesterday when I went in to get him up from a nap,
this is how I found him!

It was quite the surprise for me.
It was the first time that he has pulled himself up!
He loves to stand up next to things and
will play pretty content like that for a long time!

He can wave bye bye and clap!
He finally learned how to creep forwards!!
Now this happens less often.

He also got his first little "shiner"...can you see it on the left side :(
He always seems to have some kind of scratch or bump.

He has enjoyed corn on the cob (without the corn :) and mango pits!

He likes to roll all over the floor and look at the knots in the wood.
He occasionally like to see how they taste too.

He has 7 teeth! (yes he bites!)

He continues to be the light of our lives!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh what do you do in the Summer time?

The other night I went to a Relief Society meeting on family traditions! It was taught by an amazing and very inspiring lady! She had so many fun ideas that it really got me thinking about what things I want to do with our family to create close bonds and just have fun together! I want to share some ideas that I got there but for now I thought I would just focus on Summer time fun. I for Spencer and I every day is pretty much the same, no matter the season. But I know things will be different as more kids come along and as they grow up. So I want to start planing now :) Some of these ideas came from the lady that taught the class, some from people there that shared ideas and some are from ideas I got online at different places. Please leave a comment with some of your own ideas!

Go on a penny walk (flip a coin to see what direction to go)
Go Hiking
Bike rides
Kick ball
Hide and seek
Go to a different park every week
Go on picnics to a new spot every week
Feed the ducks
Board games
Go out for ice cream
Make ice cream in a bag (easy to get recipes on line)
Bake something together
Take treats to neighbors
Adopt a Grandma or Grandpa
Make a fort our of cardboard
Make a tent out of blankets and watch a movie in it
Go to Library activities
Get books and movies from the Library
Read books together
Act out scripture stories
Camp in your back yard
Put together your own skits 
Make play dough
Make peanut butter play dough
Play at the McDonald's play ground
Play with shaving cream on the table
Family Olympics
Bathtub paints
Make a card table tent
Sock puppets
Go to the DI
Sidewalk chalk
Giant drawing (trace their body on butcher paper color it)
Will it float game (test object in water to see if they float)
Plant seeds
Finger paints
Story writing (have the kids tell a story and you write it down)
Have a summer party and invite your neighbors (water balloons, sprinklers, watermelon, etc.)
Have a lemonade stand  - pick berries

Can't wait to hear about your fun ideas!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Did you say "rabbit" first thing when you woke up this morning??? If you did, you will have good luck all month long! No, I am not crazy, it is true. This has been a tradition that my mom taught us when we were growing up. On the first of every month you need to say "rabbit" when you wake up. It has to be the first word you say or it won't work. I used to go to great lengths to try and help myself remember to say rabbit on the first of every month. I must say I have forgotten very few times. I have been devastated every time I do forget. Nate thinks it is silly and when I forget he tries to tell me I can just say "beaver" or "hamburger" and it will make it all better...but we all know that is just silly and wouldn't work! So if you forgot or didn't know about this little good luck advice, there is always July!