Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

Nate and I had a wonderful Christmas together. We spent the 23rd and 24th with my family. We had a great dinner and did some fun Christmas activities (skits, poems, the Nativity, etc.) Then we came home Christmas night so Nate and I could have Christmas morning together at our house. We spent most of Christmas day with Nate's family. A good time was had by all. Here are some pictures.

Pretend his eyes are open ;)

I made this jean quilt for Nate.

Above are the gifts I gave to Nate and below are the gifts he gave to me. He did such a great job! He is a very thoughtful gift giver!
HOWEVER...the day after Christmas was one of the worst ever!! Nate and I got some kind of food poisoning from our breakfast we think. We were both SO SO sick!! I will spare you the yummy details and just tell you it was the longest day. Now, 2 days later we are feeling mostly back to normal although still weak! But the thought of food doesn't make me want to barf so that is a good sign. May you all be blessed with good health and be careful of what you eat!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Stuff

So if you have been wondering "Where is Tami? Has she fallen of the face of the Earth?" You are not too far off. Things have been so crazy busy for the last few weeks. I made lots of blog postings in my mind but never got even close to having time to post them so you could actually see them. So here is my quick up date on what has been going on in the last month or so.

For Thanks giving we went to my Grandparents house in Ogden. None of my siblings were there and that was kind of a bummer. But we still had a good time and ate lots of good food. Then on Saturday we had another Thanksgiving dinner with Nate's Family. That was fun too. It was great to have time off school and just relax. This is me and Nate at my Grandparents house on Thanksgiving Day!

Last week we got to go to Temple Square with some of Nate's family. I am always AMAZED with the lights on Temple Square. There is just a special feeling of peace there that I just can't get enough of. If you look hard you can see the Temple in the back ground.

Then on Saturday we got to go the BYU's Christmas Around The World. WOW!!! It was so awesome! If you have been you will have to agree it is amazing. If you haven't been, I recommend you do all you can to go. I am amazed what some people can do with their feet. There was beautiful costumes and fun music and dancing from all over the world.

We actually got our Christmas tree over a week ago and the poor thing just sat there, undecorated, until just a few days ago. But I love it. I love real trees, there is just nothing like it. I love this time of year and I am so excited for all the joys that it brings!

Well, that is pretty much all the blogs that I posted in my head over the last few weeks and now you can actually see them. Great day for you huh? Thanks for reading. I love when you leave comments. It makes me feel special! Even if it is just a quick hello.