Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter "eggies" hunt

On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg hunt at Nate's work. Spencer likes to call them "eggies". It wasn't much of a hunt. They had great big boxes of candy and they would just throw it all out on the lawn and the kids would run out and get as much as they could as fast as they could. Spencer was in the 1-3 age group. Nate went out with him and helped him get some candy for us.

Spencer was pretty mad he could just eat the candy as he picked it up.
He couldn't understand why we wanted
him to put it in his basket and try to get more.

This candy wasn't just little suckers and bubble gum either.
Well they did have little things but lots of it was full size and king size candy
bars, bags of skittles, etc. This was good stuff. 
We Spencer got a lot of candy!!
(We are finally starting to see the pay offs for having kids.
Tomorrow we are teaching him to mow the lawn ;)

He was so sweet to share his king size candy
 bars with this 6 month old stranger.
What a good sharer!

Say cheese...I mean tootsie roll.

(not sure why the picture quality looks so poor??)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Savers...I love you!

So last night for FHE our little family headed over to Savers after going to my 16 week check up (info on that to follow). I made a steal on maternity cloths!! I have looked at the DI (and I also love you DI, just not for maternity cloths) and there was nothing!! Well nothing from the last two decades at least. Then I went to Savers and it was a jack pot! I got 8 shirts, 4 pairs of pants and one skirt! Guess how much all of that would have cost me new had I purchased them from the stores they originally came from? Well I don't really know for sure, but I am guessing I would have spent some where between $300 - $400. But I got it all for around $60. And they are really cute things too! I am comfortable again and can breath when I sit down :) It feel so good to be cheap frugal! Okay, I just had to tell someone about that.

My 16 week check up went good. It went fast. We heard the heart beat (a musical sound :) they measured me, weighed me, asked me few questions and that was that. I wondered if the visit was even really necessary. But there ya have it.

So at 16 weeks I am feeling much better for the most part. I still feel really sick if I don't eat every 1-2 hours but now eating actually helps me feel "normal" again instead of just helping me not to throw up. The past week or 2 I have been feeling sick at night right before I go to bed even though I just ate...but then I just go to bed and I am okay. My back is starting to hurt more and I get some weird pains from time to time. And why, may I ask, do my hips feel so raw and sore at night? I usually always sleep on my side...why do they hurt more than usual now? Anyone know? Well, I am happy to be pregnant, even with all it's discomforts.

I have given some thought to waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender. I honestly feel very neutral on the gender so it would be kind of fun. I would love a boy so that I could have two little boys close in age to be buddies (I actually am pretty sure it is a boy...I just have a feeling. I could be totally wrong). But a girl would be great too. Hair bows, dresses, etc...I would love it. BUT in the end I think we will find out at the 20 week ultra sound because I think we will need the 20+ weeks for Nate and I to agree on a name! We have such a hard time agreeing on names. I think Spencer is the only name, boy or girl, that both of use really loved and agreed on. I don't know how we will pick a name for baby # 2.

Well, this post turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. Thanks for letting me ramble on and thank you all for your kind comments and congratulations. Getting a comment is very happy-making for me!

Have a great Spring Day. Don't you just love April?! I sure do!!

{Pretend this post has some really great pictures added to it...