Monday, April 19, 2010

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

I love this video! Elder Holland bears such a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon! It gives me chills to listen to! I love the Book of Mormon. It has been a very powerful influence in my life for good. It helps me to feel closer to my Heavenly Father and to my Savior Jesus Christ! When I read the book I feel with all of my heart that it is a true book given to us from our loving Heavenly Father to bring us comfot, joy and peace!

Have you heard about The Book of Mormon/YouTube Challenge?
To see more details follow the link below:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see...

Ok, not all of this is out my window...but it is around the neighborhood. 
I just wanted to sing the song about the pop corn popping :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


Spencer is starting exhibit signs of a normal, growing, energetic baby. It is causing me to freak a little. He can push my hands away if he doesn’t like what I am doing. He can scream if he wants back something that I took from him.  I can be a mother of a little infant. I know how to take care of big diaper blow outs, use that blue thing to suck out nostrils, change another big blow out, wash soiled cloths, sing, make silly noises and faces, change yet another big blow out and wash more soiled cloths, tickle, clap, laugh, give baths, another blow out…no problem, fed, hug, sooth, dress, carry…I have that all down (well, mostly). But can I teach the alphabet, numbers, colors, opposites, the Gospel, safely, social skills and moral values? Can I wipe crayon off the wall? Can I stop a tantrum? Can I deal with back talk, spitting, yelling, kicking and biting (not that my children will ever do anything of the sort)? Can I potty train? Do I know what to do when there is a blow out without a diaper to catch at least some of it? I just don’t know. I can be the mother of an infant but can I be a mother of a toddler? A 5 year old? A 10 year old? A TEEN AGER? Some days I am not sure how I will do. I know I will make mistakes (and lots of them) but I want to be the best I can.
Do you have any advice or words of comfort for me?

Could he possibly be anything but a perfect angel?

Friday, April 9, 2010

7 Months

It seems like I was just making a post saying that Spencer was 6 months. Then I blinked and he is 7 months old today! Here are some pictures of the last week or so.

Spencer's first ballon! He was more interested in eatting
the ribbon than playing with the ballon :)

Watching the Easter egg hunt with daddy

Our neighbors just gave us their old high chair. Spencer loves it.

I also discovered today that Spencer loves to play in a box. 
Just put a blanket over it, add a few toys and  there ya go.

I know this isn't the greatest picture (seeing as most of his head
 is cut off) but I just melt over that cute little smile!

And this smile too!

Can you see his teeth? My sister found a third tooth coiming in!
I was not expecting that one either!

You may be interested to know that this is the first month that
Spencer has not gained any weight. He is still only 24 lb!
We love our little guy so much!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bath Time

My camera got carried away again last night during bath time.
Spencer loves to be in the bath tub!

Can I take a picture too?