Saturday, August 27, 2011

Backyard Treasures

WARNING: This is a really random post, feel no obligation to read.

So we have lived in our house now for 4 years! I think that is the longest I have lived in any one house my whole life. We love it here. We love our neighbors and our house and living so close to the beautiful mountains. We love the small town feel but not too small :) We have little to complain about.

We do have have something...strange going on in our backyard...

Our backyard has a gate that connects right up to a
community/neighborhood park.
We like that. It is mostly a fun thing.
Somehow, the strangest items keep finding their way into our back yard...
Are they being thrown over the fence from kids/teens who are at the park?
Are our side neighbor kids "accidentally" throwing them over?
Did the wind blow these things in?
Are they walking in by themselves?

I don't really know...
But I do wonder about it.
It doesn't really bother me...I think it is kind of funny.
But I do wonder about it.

So, for example...
Here are a few things that I took pictures of a few minutes ago:

A nice orange cup

A butter knife

A Lego

A Pink Balloon

A clear plastic cup

We also had one, small, brown flip flop our there for a  while
but I can't see it anymore...Rude! I really wanted a picture of that.
How did it leave? Where did it go? I don't really know...
(no of course I don't actually just clean up these items when they appear in my back yard...
I wait for them to disappear on their own...they always do)

We have had a plethora of strange little toys,
 lots of plastic bags, news papers, balls...

But this last one that I just found yesterday really takes the cake.
It sure took me by surprise...

Can you tell what it is? Well, I don't really know for sure what it is.
A trash can with a face on it...
(It reminds me of stories I have have heard about moms who collect their little kids toys at the end of the day that the kids didn't clean up when they were told to...I am totally going to do that)

So, how did it get in our backyard?
I really would like to know.
(Maybe the little kid got tire of his mom taking his toys so he hid it in our yard?)
I need to set up a servalence camera back there.

So, dear neighbors, if any of these objects, toys or trash cans are yours, feel free to walk right in out our backyard and claim them.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas on how these objects got in our yard.

Monday, August 15, 2011

If heart burn is really an indicator of how much
hair your baby will come out with,

this is what my baby is going to look like...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little update...

We are all still alive and well here in the Higbee home.
I am now 34 weeks along.
Here is the latest picture for your viewing delight.

Spencer boy is growing up so fast! He will be 2 in only a month!

I feel just a little sad about him turning 2 for some reason but also excited.
Months ago, I remember thinking that after his birthday our little girl would be coming soon! And that isn't too far away now :) I feel nervous and excited for our little one to come.
 There will be a lot of changes but also much love and fun.