Monday, February 3, 2014

My Birthday

So, my Birthday was a little ways back (January 17th to be exact) but I am just getting around to posting about it. It was such a wonderful Birthday and I am grateful for those who made is so special.
First off, the night before, I got to attend the Temple with my Mom and my sisters. It was wonderful and peaceful and I loved that I got to go with them. Then as we were leaving, they surprised me by taking me to Salt Lake for a sleep over. It was so great! Complete with cheese cake, staying up late, lost of laughing and sleeping in. Nate was in on the whole thing and packed a bag for me and got it into the van without me even knowing what was going on. It was so great. Wish I had a picture of us all together there!
Then in the evening out little family went bowling and to Café Rio! The kids were really fun to go bowling with. Especially Spencer would get super excited every time a pin got knocked down, even if it was just one. We all cheered loud and high fived and just had a blast! It was one of those super golden evenings where things just go right and everyone gets a long and your heart swells with love for you family. You just get that warm, happy feeling and know this is what life is all!!! I love my family!

And the best part...oh ya!
Three strikes for me!
I win!