Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disney Land Pictures

I finally figured out how to make a slid show for my Disney pictures. You have to scroll down a bit to my post about Disney Land to check them out. I am slid show challenged and I don't think I will be making more anytime soon. A 3 year old could have done that faster than I could. I didn't realize that it automatically added music to my slide show. So I thought I had it all figured out yesterday and was finally happy with the whole thing. Then I get on today and there is this rap music blasting out of my speakers (I made the slid show yesterday with the volume turned off). So, LONG story short.. I think it is ready now for your viewing pleasure.


Charlotte said...

Have you tried picasa 3? It is a free download from google. It keeps track of your photos and can upload them directly to blogger, email, picasa web, and many photo priniting sites (all the big ones). Also can edit the photos, add text, and make photo collages.

Once uploaded to picasa web it is easy to make a slide show. There is a spot that says "embed slide show" and then you cut and paste the code they give you. Instant slide show for everythign in that folder. No sound or anything. Anyway, that is what I use.

Rae Lynne and Troy said...

Your pictures were fun to see and your slide show was great! Glad to be of help :)

Emmett and Ashlee said...

You are so cute. I love your pictures. I haven't yet tried to do the slide show. I bet it isn't easy.