Monday, August 31, 2009

Names for our baby...

So you know how when you leave a comment on someones blog you have to look at some wavy, crazy looking letters and type what you see...well I have discovered that you can actually get some really great ideas for baby names...It is hard to agree on a name for a baby, it is not like naming a teddy bear you know. So since everyone asks what we are going to name the little guy, I thought I would share some of the ideas I got from blogging :)






Cool names huh? Feel free to add any great names that you come upon while blogging.

Once way back (when we were trying to get pregnant actually) I had to type in S-P-E-R-M. I kid you not. But don't worry, we won't name our baby that...

(No, I have not had the baby yet. I am actually pretty excited he will have a September Birthday. Besides the fact that my insurance ends TODAY {don't' worry, we get to pay lots of money to extend it for a month} I still feel pretty good about letting the little guy just come when he is ready. I am still at 1cm as of today...)


Tausha and James Hansen said...

Wow, how do I choose. I am leaning toward Clike, but I realy love Lamman...I will have to get back to you... pst...little man can come out now!

Derek and Amber said...

Hey Tami
I haven't talked to you in forever, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. If you get to a point where you are ready and want the baby out (trust me it comes) you can do what someone suggested I do. I was at 1cm and someone told me to gutter walk and it actually worked, the baby came 2 days later. What you do is take a walk with 1 foot in the gutter and 1 foot on the sidewalk. The balance issue starts contractions.

Charlotte said...

Good luck with the baby! Those are some "interesting" names. I think you should go with Sperm.

Nicole said...

Here's one I did today...Coidsol.