Thursday, January 28, 2010


I wanted to share with you all some fun blogs that I have been following. You may be interested in one of them.

The Idea Room This has so many fun ideas for crafts, cooking and other things! I am very impressed with it.

Notes on Parenting This is a blog I have only been following for a few days but I have enjoyed it so far!

Our Daily Obsessions This is a blog that one of my friends started and she has so many fun ideas about crafts, sewing, photograph, cooking, etc.

Peachy Cheap This isn't a Blog, it's a web site. They sell discount scrapbooking supplies and other things.There is a different product every day! It's kind of fun to see what they have.

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Elisabeth Marie said...

I haven't visited Peachy or Parenting, but do enjoy the others- Thanks!