Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Have you ever seen anything more adorable in your life?!

Spencer just turned 16 months old a few days ago.
One of my favorite things that he has started doing is saying "thank you"
when he hands me something. He will get a can from the pantry and hand it to
me and then say "thank you". Or he will unload the dishwasher with me and
say "thank you" every time he hands me a plate. He also takes all the CDs out of the
 entertainment center one by one...thanking me all the time as he hands them to me :)

It is pretty darn cute.

We are counting the days till nursery!!
Only 2 months...I think I can make it.


Jeff, Christa, and Evelyn said...

Definitely a charmer! I totally agree concerning nursery, it can't come fast enough.

Janelle said...

I can't believe he's almost gonna come in! We gotta buy more sippy cups... lol

Rae Lynne said...

I was looking at this post with Zacky next to me and he said "That's Spencer! That's Spencer, mommy!". He was so happy and excited to see his cousin. Those pictures of him are SO ADORABLE! I just love his expressions and that cute outfit. I agree, he's a charmer! And getting so big! We sure love that little guy!

P.S. I've got clothes for you next time we see you :)

Troy and Mandy said...

Oh my gosh...he is getting so big!!! Very adorable!