Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Half Birthday

Spencer is 1 1/2 today!!! Holy Cow!
He is pretty much the smartest 18 month old in the world...
(or close to it I think :)
He can:
 Count to three
Do puzzles like a pro
Knows most animal sounds and body parts 
Get into anything
Figure out how to turn anything on or off
Figure out how to open or break anything
Climb onto everything
and a bunch of other really smart things that I can think of right now.

He has started to attach to things now.
 When he goes to sleep he has to have his cup of water,
 his little blanky and his dog, Scout.
(Well super, while looking up a link for Scout,
 I found out there is a recall. Just what you like to hear)

He is getting his 13th tooth.

He is waking up around 6:30 every morning
That = grumpy :(
(Spenc and mommy)

He does takes great naps
(she typed as her said child started waking up from a short nap)

He loves nursery!!!
Funny side note. I have been waiting and waiting for the day he was 18 months so that he could go to nursery. I mean I have been counting down since he was like 3 months old. Now that he is able to go I am all worried that he will miss me and need me. I feel all worried to leave him. But the good news is, he did just fine last Sunday.
Didn't even miss me...that is a good thing, right?

He is so busy and full of energy.
 Sitting still is a rare happening with him.
 He loves to be moving and doing.
 If I lay on the floor I know I better be ready to be jumped on. 

He is testing limits like never before.
 He looks at me with a sneaky grin when
 he is going something he knows he shouldn't.
 Good think I am a darn patient woman
Or something like that.

I am going to have to add pictures later
 because he really is waking up from a short nap.
I was hoping that since we got up at 6:20
 this morning he would take a longer nap.
Oh well.

Happy Half Birthday little guy.
We sure love you!


Jeff, Christa, and Evelyn said...

Sounds like a smart little guy! Isn't it amazing how kids just know how far they can go and are happy to let you know it?

Harmony said...

The kid talks like a dang garbage disposal! When he was here he was just gibbering about like crazy... in between his crying, of course. His talking was so so so so so cute. It seemed like he knew EXACTLY what he was saying, but I had no clue. I loved it! He is so super cute.

Rae Lynne said...

Looking forward to giving him lots of love when we see him next!