Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Savers...I love you!

So last night for FHE our little family headed over to Savers after going to my 16 week check up (info on that to follow). I made a steal on maternity cloths!! I have looked at the DI (and I also love you DI, just not for maternity cloths) and there was nothing!! Well nothing from the last two decades at least. Then I went to Savers and it was a jack pot! I got 8 shirts, 4 pairs of pants and one skirt! Guess how much all of that would have cost me new had I purchased them from the stores they originally came from? Well I don't really know for sure, but I am guessing I would have spent some where between $300 - $400. But I got it all for around $60. And they are really cute things too! I am comfortable again and can breath when I sit down :) It feel so good to be cheap frugal! Okay, I just had to tell someone about that.

My 16 week check up went good. It went fast. We heard the heart beat (a musical sound :) they measured me, weighed me, asked me few questions and that was that. I wondered if the visit was even really necessary. But there ya have it.

So at 16 weeks I am feeling much better for the most part. I still feel really sick if I don't eat every 1-2 hours but now eating actually helps me feel "normal" again instead of just helping me not to throw up. The past week or 2 I have been feeling sick at night right before I go to bed even though I just ate...but then I just go to bed and I am okay. My back is starting to hurt more and I get some weird pains from time to time. And why, may I ask, do my hips feel so raw and sore at night? I usually always sleep on my side...why do they hurt more than usual now? Anyone know? Well, I am happy to be pregnant, even with all it's discomforts.

I have given some thought to waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender. I honestly feel very neutral on the gender so it would be kind of fun. I would love a boy so that I could have two little boys close in age to be buddies (I actually am pretty sure it is a boy...I just have a feeling. I could be totally wrong). But a girl would be great too. Hair bows, dresses, etc...I would love it. BUT in the end I think we will find out at the 20 week ultra sound because I think we will need the 20+ weeks for Nate and I to agree on a name! We have such a hard time agreeing on names. I think Spencer is the only name, boy or girl, that both of use really loved and agreed on. I don't know how we will pick a name for baby # 2.

Well, this post turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. Thanks for letting me ramble on and thank you all for your kind comments and congratulations. Getting a comment is very happy-making for me!

Have a great Spring Day. Don't you just love April?! I sure do!!

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Janelle said...

I always love a good deal!!! Most of my clothes were from other people. I would have been wearing a sheet most of the time if it wasn't for a couple of super cheap lots off ebay and a lot of hand-me-downs, lol.
Also, with each pregnancy the usual pregnancy pains and discomforts tend to get worse. Nice, huh? I had trouble with sciatica while I was pregnant with Sabrina from the time she was probably the size of a bean! As the joints relax earlier, though, things get pinched and sore. Good luck. I loved soaking in the bath A LOT.

Jeff, Christa, and Evelyn said...

No insights here on pregnancy, sorry. But I wanted to leave a comment just to make you happy!

Ruth Sagers said...

My sisters gave me a HUGE bag of their passed-down maternity clothes, and NONE of the pants fit me!! I guess I really do have a ghetto-booty. Oh well, more junk-in-the-trunk for Clayton to love, right? So I found one single pair of jeans at DI that fit and look cute. Other than that, I wear lots of skirts & pajama pants! Good times being pregnant :) Happy day, Tami!

Troy and Mandy said...

How fun! Gotta love Savers and the DI. I bought a lot of Stella's clothes from the DI and they are in such good condition because babies outgrow their clothes so fast that they are hardly worn! I never found maternity clothes at the DI either, I didn't think of Savers at the time though. I sure hope you have a girl, girls are so fun! But it would be nice for Spencer to have a "best buddy" :) Can't wait to hear what you're having in a few weeks.

Sean and Megan Slobodan said...

Savers is great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding deals, so you can tell me or we can go look for them anytime! :) I agree with Janelle - Baths are good, but those pains - just not fun! I'm starting to get more uncomfortable too! We'll have to do another play date soon or go looking for deals! Either way, hopefully Evi will be nicer to Spencer!