Monday, May 2, 2011

It's a...

I am in such shock, I can't even tell you!
I was so sure this baby was a boy...I just "felt" it.
Well we had our 20 week ultrasound today and boy was I wrong,
and I am very happy to be wrong in this case!
 I won't even try to guess with the next one
(and we are not ready to think about that yet ;)
We are so excited. I can't stop smiling! 
Now if we can agree on a name it will be a miracle!
Watch out pink and I come!!


Jeff, Christa, and Evelyn said...

YEAH!!!!! Let us know if you need anything. We still have lots of Evie's clothes.

Sean and Megan Slobodan said...

Welcome to the little girl club! Yea! I am so excited for you! This will be so fun! Spencer will be such a good older brother!

Jenilyn Tolley said...

Yay! Little girls are so fun. If it makes you feel better, we were both so sure that our second was a boy as well. Even after we found out, the whole idea of a girl just felt so weird. But, yeah, she's definitely a girl.

Congratulations! You're going to have so much fun!

Kate said...

I am SO excited for you! Girls are so much fun!!

Troy and Mandy said...

Yay...I'm so excited for you! Girls are soooo much fun. I can't seem to stop buying cute clothes for Stella.

Mike said...

Congratulations!!! Girls are the best! So helpful and cute.

Charlotte said...

Congrats! I was the same way with my 2nd. Totally sure it was a girl until the ultrasound told me otherwise.