Friday, November 11, 2011

Kaitlin's Blessing Day

Nate gave Kaitlin a name and a blessing in our ward on Sunday. It was so special. I felt the Spirit as he blessed her. He said in the blessing that Heavenly Father had blessed her with a kind heart and faith. He said as she kept the commandments she would be an example of virtue and goodness. I just felt so strongly of what a sweet little girl she is and I feel so grateful that she has been added to our family.

4 Louises

Louise Later (My Dad's mom)
Louise Later (My Mom)
Tami Louise Higbee
Kaitlin Louise Higbee

Kaitlin's blessing dress is very special to me. While I was on my mission I taught an amazing lady named Mirna. she made beautiful crocheted dressed for little girls. I bought this from her with the hope of one day being able to use it for a little daughter's blessing dress. Now, nearly 7 years later, that dream has come true!



Janelle said...

Beautiful!!! We saw the boys in your family at Ream's the other day but missed you :( We'd already been there for WAY too long, or we would have come to peek at the baby! Congratulations!

Elisabeth Marie said...

so very special!

Ruth Sagers said...

Cute dress, cute baby, cute mama!

Andrea said...

I love the dress and the story with it. I love her smile. I love her already!! She's so beautiful.