Monday, April 23, 2012

7 Months

My little sweetie is 7 months old, as of yesterday! She is still the sweetest thing I have ever had the pleasure of calling mine.
She is saying "ma ma ma" sometimes {not "da da" yet}
She is not sleeping too great yet but better than last month...mostly...
She rolled over from back to tummy for the first time yesterday!
{I was overly excited, of course!}
She is clapping a little and doesn't have any teeth yet. Fine by me!
 Kaitlin is pretty laid back and a go with the the flow kind of a gal. So she is not learning new things as fast as Spencer did but she is much more mellow!
I will take the trade :)

And now, for your viewing delight....

She even sucks her toes when she is sitting up!

Spencer hated the grass the first time I put him on it.
Kaitlin was amazed by it and I could hardly get her eyes off it.  


Janelle Southern said...

Kate and Lizzie were SO different in their development. Both completely normal, but totally different. Kate was a very early talker but didn't care about walking; Lizzie was a very early walker and took forever to get around to talking! As a mother of course I kept comparing them to each other but I finally learned to go back to comparing them to themselves to get a more accurate view of how they are doing personally :P
She's such a sweet little girl! LOVE those cheeks and the toe sucking, lol.

Rae Lynne said...

Oh the cuteness!!!! What sweet, adorable and funny pictures of her! Love to you all :)