Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Our little sweetie turned one on Saturday the 22nd!
We had a fun day together as a little family and then we
invited some friends over for cake and ice cream in the evening.
We are so excited she is one now!
We got her a little people doll house we found on ksl!
And a little baby doll.
She is growing and learning so fast right now.
Just in the last few weeks her vocabulary is exploding!
She will repeat all kinds of words! Is is only about 20 pounds.
 She is {mostly} sleeping through the night!!!
She has 3 teeth in and 2 that have poked through.
She is quite the mamas girl!
We sure love our Katie Lou!!

I was pretty proud of myself for making this cake!
I saw it on pinterest of course!

I don't think she really ate much of it.
She just played in it and threw it all over :)

Of course we did some photo shoots. 
We had to do it in two parts because she was pretty grumpy!
There was a lot of this...
and this...
But a few of these...

I'm thinking one of these should go on the wall.
What one do you like best?


I got this dress when she was about 6 months old
 and I have been saving it for her birthday!

Here is a good shot of her teeth!


 So, I haven't gotten any comments for a long time...
it would really make my day if you would just say "hi"
or "I saw your post" or "You have the cutest baby in the whole world".
Any little comment will do. Thanks!



Allie Jacobsen said...

Hi. I saw your post. You have the cutest baby in the whole world. :)
There. I said all 3. :D
By the way, I like #3 the best.

Ruth Sagers said...

Hi Tami! I'm really sorry, I can't say that you have the cutest baby in the whole world. But I can say that you have the cutest baby in Springville and I have the cutest baby in Tooele. Katelyn is adorable, I can't believe she's already one! Let's get together sometime soooooooon!!!

Lesley said...

I read every single post! I love seeing your photography and your two favorite little models! I always read on my phone so I've been a lame commenter. But know that you have a big fan in Newfoundland!

Tennille said...

Love the cake. It turned out amazing. I think I like the 3rd picture best.

Jeremy & Stacy said...

I always check your blog! Your family is darling!!! Love your cute pictures of your little girl.

smartiepantsgirl said...

Don't mind me, I just stalk your blog. :)

Janelle Southern said...

Aww, look at how many people have apparently just been lurking on your blog! :) She is beautiful! Looks just like Spencer, but in all the best, most adorably feminine ways. I've been considering an excuse to attempt that cake off Pinterest too. But so far I'm always in too much of a hurry to be ready to spend that much time and attention on the frosting. Maybe in a year for Sabrina's 8th birthday? She's a rose-shaped-frosting sort of girl.

Jenilyn Collings said...

She's adorable! I like #2 the best, but #3 is a close second.

And amazing job on that cake!

Elisabeth Freeman said...

hi. i always see your posts and though I don't think you have the cutest baby in the world- I can say she can take 2nd to mine! I will vote 3 too.

Rae Lynne said...

Oh my goodness it has been too long since I visited your blog! How sweet is that little girl?! Her little pigtails are just too much! The cake is AMAZING. You did good! And my favorite would be number picture 2, for sure. Love the look on her face. Miss you guys!!!