Thursday, November 1, 2012

Higbee Happy Halloween Happenings...

This year we did a lot of fun things to celebrate Halloween!
 Carving pumpkins is always one of my favorite traditions!

Dinner in a Pumpkin is another traditions I love.
My mom has been making that since I was a kid.

We went to several parties. I took drinks to one of them. 
I found two of these drink labels online
and then I designed two on my own.

As always, I threw my costume together last minute...
At least I liked this one.

I know it is prideful, but I was pretty proud of my hair.
I did it all by myself.

And now, the best part...
My little Lady

My Preschool Mutant Ninja Turtle

Again, prideful, I know...but I am also pretty proud of
 myself for making his shell without a pattern.

Love my little ones so much!


Rae Lynne said...

What fun pumpkins you guys made! I love it when I see creative carvings. And you should be proud of your cute hair and fantastic kid costumes!!! You worked hard and everything turned out so great. You should feel good about that :) P.S. I love your little ones too. Can't wait to swap our littles and make up for lost cuddles!

Chelsi said...

Love, love, love those costumes! They are so cute! Congrats on all your craftiness! I aspire to that someday! :)

Hubers said...

I sure love the outfits. Way to go!