Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Want to see how chubby I really am? Two chins (I know there is a neck in there somewhere...)
Big belly :)
Strong arms
Looks like I have an elastic around my wrist but I don't :)
Rolls on my legs!


Harmony said...

ha ha ha! I love the "looks like I have elastice around my wrist but don't"! Made me smile! I looked back at your older posts to see pics of him when he was Megan's age, and to look at him now is just CRAZY! Makes me wonder how Megan will look when she's almost 3 months old!

Candi said...

I looked at this a couple days ago, but forgot to comment :) I love the leg rolls - so cute! I LOVE fat babies, they just feel so much less fragile and that makes them way more fun (in my opinion). Horray for fat babies everywhere!