Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Pictures Anyone??

Would you (or anyone you know) like free pictures?? Yep...FREE pictures! I am pretending that I am a great photographer and I am trying to build up a portfolio of my pictures. I have started a blog so that I have a way of showing others what I have done and also I am just having a lot of fun doing it! Take a look and let me know what you think by clicking here. If you are interested in letting me take some pictures for you I would really appreciate it! If you don't live close to me, (bummer) maybe you know someone who does. I am interested in doing babies, kids, families, seniors (as in graduating....not old people...but old people are welcome too :) engagements, weddings, or just any kind of pictures. You have nothing to lose except maybe an hour of your time. If you are interested please contact me by e-mail or leave a comment here or on by photograph blog. Thanks!


dntbaker said...

if we lived closer i would totally take you up on it!!! i think you are very talented. by the way your link isn't working properly.

Janelle said...

I'd love to have a family picture taken sometime. Our last family pictures were a real disappointment and we paid a lot for them :( This girl did pictures of my hubby's whole family and then individual families for a fee. I ended up editing the big picture for everyone because the way she set people up you couldn't even crop the photo to a standard size! Our family picture was okay except that I'm sitting with Sabrina on my lap and K and L are standing and Michael is standing behind us which basically left all four of us "ladies" faces in one line with him floating way above. I was really frustrated, lol. For free I'm happy to try again ;) I love taking pictures too but I hate trying to take pictures of our family with me in them. It's just kinda crazy with all these kids :P
What free program are you using? GIMP? Picasa? Something else? I think I"ve at least dabbled in all the freebies out there :P THose two are the ones I use most often. Okay, now that I've written a novel... if ya wanna try a family picture with the 5 of us that'd be great. :D

Jeremy & Stacy said...

Where do you live these days Tami? Email me at

Tennille said...

I just found your blog off of Katie Nelson's. We would love you to take our pictures. It should be pretty easy since we live next door!

If you want an invite to my blog send your email address to