Friday, April 2, 2010

Bath Time

My camera got carried away again last night during bath time.
Spencer loves to be in the bath tub!

Can I take a picture too?


Jeff, Christa, and Evelyn said...

He is such a happy little guy! Do you get anything done at home or just snuggle him all day?

Deven & Candis said...

I agree that the cutest babies are bath-time-babies! Love these pictures!!!

Rae Lynne said...

Smiles and rolls for days!!! How adorable! I'm so sad wee missed you guys Easter weekend but hopefully soon we'll get together and I can pinch those chubbs!

Brandon said...


Sorry to leave a comment on your blog, but I wanted to make sure that you found out that you won the BYU Divine Comedy ticket giveaway on Notes on Parenting! Please email me at Brandon (at) parentsareimportant (dot) com to claim them! Thanks!