Friday, July 9, 2010

{10 Months old!!}

Sorry if any of you are getting tired of these month by month updates about Spencer.
But it's my blog..and my world revolves around there.
Spencer is picking up new skills all the time and he continues to amaze me!
He is starting to be able to watch me do something and then try to imitate it.
For example he will try to comb his hair with the brush, put a spoon in a bowl, etc.
{It just confirms he really is the smartest baby in the world! I knew it!}
He finally is crawling a little but prefers to scoot still and can really get up some speed.
Especially when the fridge door I never see him move faster :)
He is into EVERYTHING!!
Sleep...not so good
Will eat ANYTHING he sees
24.5 lbs
29ish inches
Couldn't love him more

And  now, for your viewing pleasure:

p.s. I am SO proud of myself for figuring out how to get this video
from my iPod to the blog.
Don't ask me how I did it and I don't know if I will be able to figure it out again.


dntbaker said...

that was really cute. i love his crawl and the noices he was making.
p.s. i love your wood floors too :)

dntbaker said...
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Tausha Hansen said...

I love his determination! That is how I feel sometimes when my fridge opens... FOOD! Did you say his weighs 42.5 pounds?? Is that right??

Candi said...

Wow! I've never seen an army crawl quite that fast before - very impressive! And I too loved the sound effects :)

Harmony said...

that. was. awesome. loved the grunts with the army crawl. i felt like he really was in a war, trying to get to the fridge before you open it. that IS where all the good stuff is!

p.s.- I always feellike I need to apologize to my readers for making my posts all about Megan. I don't know why we feel guilty about it. After all, it is OUR journal and if we want it in there, it goes! We're so silly.

Rae Lynne said...

That video was impressive! I wish I could video my kids too! His baby noises were so hilarious. He sure can get to where he needs to when he wants to! I LOVE your monthly updates, don't ever stop :) Miss you guys and love ya too!