Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have been wanting to do an update on Spencer for a while now and I was planning on doing it on the 9th when he turned 15 months but we were sick again! S.I.C.K. I will spare you the details and just say that I am better now and all caught up on laundry but that's about it.
On with Spencer...

This kid is getting harder and harder to take pictures of, but that doesn't mean I don't try. I just love that smile of his. He lights up my world! 

He is (mostly)sleeping through the night

He will still eat almost anything
(sometimes I have to work at the green veggies) 

He is saying a lot of words.
Here are some of that ones he says the best:

I love to hear him talk!!

He gets into EVERYTHING!!
We went into do tithing settlement with the Bishop the other day and he was into everything in there. First he pulled down all the ties the Bishop had hanging up on hooks on his door. Then he worked on clearing everything within reach off the desk. Then it was the paper shredder. Then the garbage...Can't you just sit still child!! No...the answer is no.

He now has 9 teeth and luckily doesn't bit anymore.

I think he understands most of what we say to him.
I can't believe how fast he is learning!

He is really good at fitting shaped blocks into their places.

He loves to wear his shoes! Today he wanted me to put one of his shoes on. I did and then asked him to find his other shoe. I kept on folding laundry and forgot about the other shoe. Next thing I know I see the kid with two shoes on. Either I had a brain fart (highly possible) and forgot that I put the other one on or he put it on himself! I asked him if he did but he didn't answer (weird huh?). But I think he put his shoe on all my himself! kid is amazing!

Although he won't say "mommy" very often. I think he does love me quite a bit. He cries when I leave the house or even the room that he is in. Sometimes when he is playing he will run back over to me and say "hi" a bunch of times and give me a big hug...ya, my heart melts again

He is a pretty happy kid (except when I am trying to make dinner) most of the time and we sure love our Spencer boy. 

Well, I really could go on and on about all that he is learning and doing but he just woke up from a nap so I guess I better go get the kid.


Tausha Hansen said...

i love him. a lot. you forgot to add "tausha" to the list of things he says.... he he

Harmony said...

It's so amazing how fast they grow up. It seems like Spencer is quite the smart little kiddo!

I LOVE that first picture of him. It it probably one of the cutest and funniest pics I've ever seen of him. I know what you mean about him being hard to take pictures of. I think that for ever 40 pictures I take of Megan, I get ONE good one. Silly kids. Gone are the times when we could sit them on the couch and get a good picture.

Hey, we need a playdate. I'm gonna call you soon to set one up.

I'm glad yuo're feeling better!

Rae Lynne said...

I'm a little late to the party... So I just wanted to say how much we love that fun, sweet, cute kid! I was so delighted by him during our last visit. He's changing and growing so much! I just love the personality that he's growing into.